Motorhome rental and sales Rimor - Motorhomes Panda we offer services of rent of motorhomes and sale of the Brand Rimor in Estepona - Malaga since 2017.

Seal 68 Plus

Rimor Seal 68 Plus 2018

   Length: 6.9m.      Height: 3.1m.      Places: 5   

Benimar Tessoro 463 Luxury 2017

Benimar Tessoro 463 2017

   Length: 7.45m.      Height: 3.1m.      Places: 4   

Infraestructura Panda Rental


We currently have 5 Rimor and Benimar motorhomes with different configurations and features from 2 to 6 passengers, Fiat, Renault and Ford engines.

Puntos de entrega Panda Rental

Delivery points

Deliveries are made at our center in Estepona, and throughout Spain (for deliveries outside our Center, it is possible to pay a supplement that will be calculated based on the date and kilometers away.

Motorhomes for Rent in Málaga

Our Company - Hispania Deutsch Auto SL is located in Estepona - Málaga Calle del Golf number 5

Kayak 12P

Rimor Kayak 12 Plus 2018

It is a short profile motorhome, homologated for 6 seats, traveling and sleeping, due to its small size it is very agile to travel through cities, towns and easy to park.
Ideal for marriage and 2 children where they prioritize going in a small vehicle.

Kayak 7

Rimor Kayak 7 2018

Nasturtium motorhome for rent of 6 places to travel and sleep, reduced size. It has a double bed and bunk beds in the back. Engine Renault 145 horses.
Ideal for marriage and 2 children where they prioritize being in a spacious environment.

Seal 5

Rimor Seal 5 2018

Motorhome for rent very spacious cappuccino inside and with a large garage. 6 places to travel and sleep.
Ideal to travel 2 couples or marriage with children, bring bicycles or motorcycle.

Seal 68P

Rimor Seal 68 Plus 2018

5-seater motorhome for traveling and sleeping with island bed, bathroom and separate shower. Independent bedroom.
Ideal for a couple who wants privacy with their separate bedroom.

Tessoro 463

Benimar Tessoro 463 Luxury 2017

4-seater luxurious profiled motorhome for traveling and sleeping, very equipped with large awning, climate control, 2 TVs, large garage.
Ideal for marriage with children looking for a luxurious vehicle with many extras.

Procedure to rent a mobile home

1) Rental information

    1. Day and time that you remove
    2. Day and time that will return
    3. Passengers: number of adults and children
    4. Route: places that will travel and estimated kilometers

With this information we can advise you which vehicles are available that meet these requirements and we will provide you with the detailed budget.

2) Motorhome booking

    1. Requirements
      1. Over 26 years old
      2. Spanish driving license category B cars up to 3500 kg
      3. Have a direct debit in your name
      4. Have a payroll or work on their own
    2. Sign
      1. It is necessary to book paying 30%
      2. The total must be paid one week before the rental

3) All risk insurance

    1. The rent includes insurance against all risks with a deductible of 800 Euros (in some models it is 1200 Euros)

Rental motorhome trips

1) Days available for the trip

  • The ideal is to organize the trip in April, May, June, October or November because the weather is good and rental prices are cheaper than in July, August and the first half of September
  • Once we know which day we start and which day we return, we begin the planning.

2) Budget

  • The total budget is calculated as follows: Rental of the motorhome + fuel + tolls + camping + supermarket

3) Number of passengers

  • The number of adults and children will determine the type of motorhome we need for the trip we will make. There are different types of distributions and sizes. We will gladly advise you.

4) Route

  • When planning the trip itinerary, we must bear in mind that traveling by mobile home takes 35% more than by car.
  • Google Maps: it is essential to organize but keep in mind that the times it provides is for cars, not motor homes (they must calculate 35% of what it tells them)
  • Our advice is that the 3 night rentals are covered by Andalucia.
  • 5 nights Algarve (Portugal) or Madrid.
  • If we want to go to the North of Spain then we must estimate 10 nights.
  • For trips to Paris 14 nights.
  • There are many people who publish their trips on the Internet, and gives us detailed information about their experience.
  • Youtube: Here we will find many interesting videos for example this we did with the children and my wife from Estepona to Galicia passing through Portugal.
  • Park4Night: is an essential application for mobile that will indicate the places where we can park to sleep, as well as the campsites available near our location.

Precautions with the rental of the motorhome

1) Dimensions of the motorhome

  • Although in Spain a rental motorhome can be driven with a car permit, the truth is that it is very different to drive a motorhome than a car.
  • The small motorhomes measure 6.40 meters - measured 6.95 meters and the long 7.50 meters or more in length
  • While a tourism is 1.7 meters high, a motorhome measures 3.1 meters.
  • The dimensions do not generally affect safety in travel, the dangerous thing is when we do maneuvers, when we park, when we enter supermarkets and especially when we turn 90 degrees and when we put the reverse.
  • The dimensions of the motorhome also affect comfort, obviously the larger ones give us greater comfort in terms of space, but they make maneuverability difficult.
  • Not taking into account the dimensions of the motorhome, can affect our pocket, because motorhomes insurance have high franchises.

2) Order and care

  • Given the small space where 4 people usually travel, it is important to be very organized.
  • It is also important to be very careful because the materials with which the caravans are built are very fragile. The manufacturers to make them lighter and that can be driven with a car permit make the materials light and therefore are not resistant.
  • Keep in mind that in a small space there are cylinders, kitchen, refrigerator, television antennas, skylights, solar panels, multiple water tanks, gasoline where everything is running, and also in motion because it is in a vehicle therefore you must have multiple care.

3) Places to park and sleep with the motorhome

  • The best places to sleep in a motorhome are the campsites, for the security and the infrastructure that they offer us.
  • Public places such as parking or places on the beach or mountain that we like, we recommend consulting with a local authority if you are allowed to sleep there.
  • Avoid solitary sites because it is dangerous. Always sleep in safe places and close the vehicle well before going to sleep.

Videos of Motorhomes Panda-Rental

Rimor Kayak 12 Plus 2018 rental and sale of motorhomes in MálagaRimor Kayak 12 Plus 2018 rental and sale of motorhomes in Málaga
Motorhome rental
Rimor Seal 68 plus 2018
Rimor Seal 5 2018
Motorhome route Estepona - Galicia - Portugal 2017 - Motorhome Rental Panda

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