Frequently asked questions - rental of motorhomes

1) What other charges should I pay in addition to the rental price?

  • Bail

    • At the moment of removing the motorhome you must leave a deposit of 800 Euros in cash.
      • This deposit is refunded 24 hours after the return of the motorhome (provided there is no damage).
  • Damages and breaks

    • The damages and breakages suffered by the motorhome during the rental must be paid by the client in the following manner:
      • The insurance company divides the vehicle into different parts. When a party is affected, the first 800 Euros must be paid by the client.
      • If there are 2 affected parties, then you must pay the first 800 Euros of each affected party.
      • The rent has insurance against all risks with a deductible of 800 Euros for each affected part of the vehicle.
      • Damages due to misuse of the motorhome or bad driving
  • Kilometers:

    • 300 km per night are included in the rental price and additional kilometers are charged at 0.20 Euros per km.
    • Example: If you rent 10 nights you have included 3000 km. In the case that you made 500 additional km you must pay 100 Euros.
  • Cleaning:

    • The motorhome is delivered completely clean inside and outside. Upon return, the interior and exterior cleaning will be charged. The cost will be calculated based on the dirt that has returned (the calculation is estimated at 25 Euros per hour). Normally the cleaning is 4 hours.
    • In the event that the customer returns the clean motorhome as it was received then NO CLEANING WILL BE CHARGED.
  • Wastewater tank:

    • The wastewater tank is delivered completely clean and disinfected. The same must return in the same state in which it was delivered.
    • In the case of being dirty or with a bad smell, the cleaning will be charged 50 Euros
  • Gray water tank:

    • The gray water tank is delivered empty and clean
    • The customer must return this deposit in the same state.
    • In the case of returning this dirty or full deposit, 25 Euros will be charged.
  • Clean water tank:

    • The clean water tank is delivered full
    • The same must be delivered in the same way.
    • The filling of the same has a cost of 25 Euros
  • Fuel tank:

    • The deposit is delivered full with diesel and must be returned in the same way, otherwise we will take the motorhome to the gas station and will be charged the remaining liters to fill.

2) What happens if the motorhome that I have rented is not available?

  • If the motorhome you rented is not available because the person who rented it before broke it, or any other situation that prevents us from renting it, then proceed as follows:
    • We will give you another motorhome of the same number of seats.
    • If you do not have another substitution vehicle, then you will proceed to cancel the rental. In this case, all the money you have paid is returned, plus an indemnity that goes from 50 euros to 200 Euros depending on the rent.

3) Cancellation of reservation / rental - What happens if I cancel a reservation?

  • If the client notifies us more than 30 days in advance of the cancellation, then we proceed as follows:
    • The motorhome is available again to rent
    • If another client rents it on the days you had booked, then the reservation will be returned.

4) Can I bring pets in the mobile home?

  • You should specifically check if the motorhome you rent allows pets or other types of animals.

5) In case of technical problems, breakdowns, failures, how should I proceed?

  • Any problem you have calls us and we will guide you
  • Has roadside assistance
  • Telephone support

6) To which countries can I travel with the motorhome?

  • At the time of budgeting, you must indicate to us which countries you want to go to, so we put them in the contract.
    • In principle, all countries of the European Union that are not at war are allowed.
    • If you travel to Portugal you must bring us a receipt for the tolls, otherwise you must pay 200 Euros.

7) Is there a minimum number of days to rent?

  • Low season: 3 nights
  • High season: 6 nights

8) Why is it rented by night instead of by day?

  • Counting rental nights is the most accurate way of doing the calculation given that the customer normally removes the motorhome after 4:00 pm, and the returns are before noon in low season and before 10 am in high season.

9) Do they include bedding: sheets, towels, pillows?

  • The bed linen is usually brought by the client, but in case they request it can be added with an additional charge.
  • In the case of rentals of more than 15 nights, it can be included at no additional charge.

10) Is the motorhome insurance paid extra?

  • The insurance is included in the rental price.
  • The insurance is against all risks with a deductible of 800 Euros.

11) Is there television?

  • All motorhomes have a television. It is recommended to bring a computer with HDMI cable to connect your computer to the TV, since in almost all cases it does not pick up channels.

12) What accessories are included in the rent?

  • We deliver the following accessories as free loan:
    • Camping table and chairs
    • Cutlery, plates, glasses, saucepan, frying pan, pot, colander
    • Extinguisher
    • Refracting vest
    • Levellers
    • Camping gas (optional if there is availability we will deliver it)
    • Converter from 12v to 220v gas (optional if available we will deliver it)
    • Hose, hub, Adapters
    • Pills for chemical toilet

13) If an accessory fails, do I get money back from the rent?

  • The accessories are given in free loan.
  • It is charged for the rental of the vehicle but not for the accessories.
  • The accessories are not included in the rental price, no money is returned if they fail because it has not been charged for them.

14) Is smoking permitted in the motorhome?

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the motorhome.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the motorhome
  • A penalty will be charged for delivering it with odor.