Rental motorhome Rimor Kayak 7 2018

Rimor Kayak 7Rimor Kayak 7

Six-seater short-sleeper motorhome for traveling and sleeping, large refrigerator, large garage, solar panel, television, 1 double bed in the front, 2 bunk beds in the back, living room that turns into a bed.

Technical specifications

Seats day / night: 6
Drinking water: 20 + 80 L.
Type: Nasturtium
Waste water: 130 L
Chassis / Engine: Renault
Front bed:
Displacement (cc.): 2300
Central bed: 125X188 Cm
Power CV: 145
Rear bed: -
Total length: 6.81 m
Berths: 87X220 Cm
Total width: 2.37 m
Separate shower: No
Total height: 3.10 m
Oven: No
PMA: 3500 Kg
Refrigerator: 145 L
Model: 2018
Heating: Yes

Calculation of rental days or rental nights:

How we do the calculation:

  • The standard time to withdraw is after 4 pm and the return is before 11:30 am on the day the vehicle returns.
  • The calculation of a rental day is calculated from 7:00 pm on the day you retire until 11:30 am the next day (4:00 pm).


  • The client withdraws on Thursday at 6:00 pm, and returns the auto-caravan on Monday at 11 am for 4 days.
  • Although in this example we counted 4 days x 16 hours only for the calculation of the rent, the remaining hours between this period the client benefits as they are not charged.
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