Rental motorhome Rimor Seal 68 Plus 2018

Rimor Seal 68PlusRimor Seal 68Plus

Shaped motorhome of 6.9 m in length, 5 places to travel and sleep.
It has a separate bedroom with double bed, another double bed that goes down from the living room ceiling, and an additional bed (using the dining table)
This unit has optional awning, television antenna, solar panel, shower, bath, dishes, plates, glasses, saucepan, pan.

Calculation of rental days or rental nights:

How we do the calculation:

  • The standard time to withdraw is after 4 pm and the return is before 11:30 am on the day the vehicle returns.
  • The calculation of a rental day is calculated from 7:00 pm on the day you retire until 11:30 am the next day (4:00 pm).


  • The client withdraws on Thursday at 6:00 pm, and returns the auto-caravan on Monday at 11 am for 4 days.
  • Although in this example we counted 4 days x 16 hours only for the calculation of the rent, the remaining hours between this period the client benefits as they are not charged.
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